Twitter users roast Paul Ryan after he tweets about a woman earning $1.50 more per week because of the GOP tax law

Alex Wong/Getty ImagesHouse Speaker Paul Ryan.
  • People on Twitter slammed House Speaker Paul Ryan Saturday after he tweeted about a public high school secretary who saw a $US1.50 increase in her weekly paycheck thanks to the recently implemented GOP tax overhaul.
  • Ryan’s tweet elicited outrage, mostly from those on the left.
  • Critics of the Republican tax law say it favours the wealthy. Its supporters say it will benefit all Americans, as evidenced by the bump in pay for most middle class workers.

House Speaker Paul Ryan was criticised Saturday for insinuating that a Pennsylvania woman who is now receiving $US1.50 additional pay per week is proof that the GOP tax law is succeeding.

In a tweet, Ryan linked to an Associated Press article detailing a handful of Americans who are enjoying bigger paychecks thanks to the Republican tax law that went into effect January 1. President Donald Trump signed the sweeping changes into law in December.

While the AP cited four examples of middle class workers who recently received increases in their paychecks, Ryan chose to home in on Julia Ketchum, a public high school secretary in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, who said she was pleasantly surprised that she would now be taking home $US1.50 more per week.

She said she would use the additional weekly earnings to cover the cost of her yearly Costco membership.

Users on Twitter – mostly left-leaning individuals – didn’t take too kindly to Ryan’s tweet, which has since been deleted.

Some users also noted the irony in Ryan touting a worker making $US1.50 more per week after criticising House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi for describing the benefits most workers will receive as “crumbs.”

“Yeah, I’m sad and surprised she said that,” Ryan said last month on C-Span. “To somebody working at Walmart at the starting wage, who just went from $US9 an hour to $US11 an hour-I don’t think that’s crumbs. To a person working paycheck-to-paycheck [who] just got a $US1,000 bonus-that’s not crumbs.”

Because of the new tax law, the Internal Revenue Service released new guidelines on how much employers should withhold for taxes from employee’s paychecks. Those guidelines were released on January 11, meaning the second half of January was the first time many businesses used the guidelines.

But as paychecks begin to roll out in February, many employees will see their take-home pay increase as their tax bill shrinks.

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