Wisconsin Is Celebrating ‘Cheesehead Domination’ At The GOP Convention

wisconsin republican national convention

Grace Wyler / Business Insider

TAMPA, FLA. — The Wisconsin Republican Party is definitely having a moment here at the Republican National Convention. Three of this year’s biggest GOP stars herald from the Badger State — most notably Congressman Paul Ryan, who takes the stage Wednesday as the party’s vice presidential nominee. 

Hours before his speech, Ryan joined his home state delegation for a “Beer and Brats” tailgate, where he touted what he called the “Cheesehead domination,” listing off his fellow Wisconsinites who are making their mark on the Republican party, including Governor Scott Walker and Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus. 

wisconsin republican national convention

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Later, when I asked a few attendees how they felt about their rising Republican stars, they could barely contain their pride. “We are just so excited,” said Maripat Kreuger, noting that she has attended four conventions but that this one is “definitely special.” “We are so proud of them — they represent us, they exemplify Wisconsin.”

“They treat us like friends,” she added. 

Ryan, she said, “has such a remarkable capacity to talk to people about issues that are really complicated — and to make it so people can realise how much it affects them personally.” 

scott walker wisconsin republican national convention
Maripat Kreuger shows off her Scott Walker pin.

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When I ask about Walker, Kreuger tears up when she starts to talk about the applause the Governor received when he read off Wisconsin’s delegate votes at the convention roll call Tuesday. “I can’t tell you — he is just such an incredibly good person,” she told Business Insider. “He is a really good man.” 

“I do think it’s our moment in time,” said Nancy Danneker, another Wisconsite. “But I have a feeling that this group is going to carry things for a while.”