I Admire Paul Ryan For Having The Balls To Do What No Other Lame-O Congressman Will Do

Paul Ryan

Photo: AP

Mitt Romney just picked Congressman Paul Ryan to be his VP candidate.

Some observers are saying that, by picking Ryan, Romney played right into Obama’s hands, on account of Ryan’s having put forth a budget proposal that will cut benefits for Medicare, Medicaid, and other entitlement programs. These proposed cuts, the story goes, will alienate independents, and, thus, doom the Romney-Ryan ticket. These observers think Romney should have picked Marco Rubio instead.

They may be right.

But Ryan deserves a lot of credit for publishing his budget proposal.

Unlike other Congress-folk, who eagerly condemn America’s budget mess but offer no specific solutions for it, Ryan had the balls to actually publish a specific plan.

Ryan’s basic premise in his budget proposal is right: If we do nothing, we’re screwed.

You can disagree with how Ryan proposes to solve the problem (and I very much disagree), but at least he’s acknowledging the problem and offering a solution.

The Democrats, meanwhile, and even Mitt Romney, just keep hoping you won’t notice there’s a problem.

For the U.S. to solve its debt and deficit crisis, the head-in-the-sand approach is as cowardly as it is ineffective.

Over the next couple of decades, we have hard choices to make.

It’s time both sides acknowledged that, published their respective proposals, and started making these choices. And Ryan deserves credit for sticking his neck out.

And watch highlights of Paul Ryan’s VP acceptance speech below:

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