‘That’s kind of a goofy question’: Paul Ryan won’t answer whether Obamacare replacement bill will pass the House

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House Speaker Paul Ryan on Wednesday suggested it was too early to speculate whether the American Health Care Act, the GOP’s bill to repeal and replace Obamacare, will pass the Republican-controlled House of Representatives.

Asked whether it would pass by CNN’s Jake Tapper, Ryan deflected and said the bill is still going through a legislative process.

“It’s not coming up this afternoon, it’s going through the legislative process. That legislative process has not been finalised,” Ryan said.

Ryan refused to accept the premise of the question.

“That’s, no offence, kind of a goofy question or a false premise because this goes through four committees. We’ve gone through two so far,” Ryan said. “By the way, the two committees it went through? Unanimous Republican votes in each of those committees, and those committees compromise a cross-section of our House majority.”

Ryan’s insistence comes as several GOP House lawmakers have said that they will not vote for the AHCA as it is currently written and many others have expressed serious doubts about the bill.

Ryan previously said that he could “guarantee” that when th AHCA “comes to the floor, we’ll have 218” votes to pass it.

The tougher task may come with its passage in the Senate, where only three Republicans need to vote against the bill for it to not pass. Ryan said that once the bill is out of the House, “we’ll see what they do.”

The AHCA will be considered by the House Budget Committee on Thursday in the next step of the legislative process.

Watch Ryan’s comments below:


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