Paul Ryan says Trump wasn't 'going after' him on Twitter, guarantees a debt ceiling increase

House Speaker Paul Ryan said Thursday he does not believe President Donald Trump was attacking him on Twitter earlier in the day and promised the nation’s debt ceiling would be raised before an upcoming deadline.

During a interview with CNBC, Ryan was asked about the president’s tweets directed at him and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.

Trump seemed to blame Ryan and McConnell for the upcoming “mess” around the debt ceiling, saying he requested debt ceiling legislation be included as part of a Veterans Affairs bill that he recently signed into law.. The president said going that route “could have been so easy” but that McConnell and Ryan did not pursue it.

“I don’t really take it as going after me,” Ryan told CNBC. “That’s an option we were looking at, but the VA deadline came up and we weren’t able to do that then.”

A senior GOP aide told Business Insider earlier in the day that several GOP members “hated” the idea, which doomed it.

Ryan said an increase would get done before the ceiling is breached.

“I’m really not that worried about this. We have plenty of options in front of us. We will pay our debts,” Ryan said.

Ryan declined to “negotiate in the media” when asked whether one of the options was a clean debt ceiling hike. A clean hike is opposed by conservatives, particularly in the House, but is favoured by the Trump administration.

“We will pass the increase for the debt limit,” Ryan said.

The confidence echoes guarantees from Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin and McConnell earlier in the week.

You can watch Ryan’s comments here:


Paul Ryan: We will pass a debt limit increase in time from CNBC.

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