Find out if Paul Pogba was worth it --  here are his most spectacular goals

Paul Pogba has finally signed to Manchester United from Juventus for a world-record transfer fee of £89 million ($116 million).

While United manager Jose Mourinho has said he wants to make Pogba the heart of the team over the next five years, some have already suggested the French international is not worth the money.

Pogba, of course, already played for Manchester United four years ago under Alex Ferguson’s reign — but left after only one season when United sold him to Juventus for only £1.5 million.

Only time will tell if Pogba if good investment, but there is no doubting his incredible skill. Here are some of his most spectacular goals before he joined United:

Pogba’s volleying ability is second to none:

But he’s just as comfortable scoring a screamer from way outside the box:

He can run rings around defenders:

And score backwards:

Check out his one-touch before smashing the ball home:

Curling the ball past the keeper is also no problem for Pogba:

If defenders don’t mark him, they pay the price:

But even they do mark him, he often scores anyway:

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