International Investment Banker Accused Of Putting A Fake Bomb On A 18-Year Old Girl’s Neck

paul douglas peters
The FBI found Australian investment banker Paul Douglas Peters at his ex-wife’s house in Kentucky.

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Police believe that they have found the masked man who broke into the home of William Pulver, a wealthy CEO in Sydney, Australia and strapped what looked like a collar bomb to his 18-year-old daughter’s neck. The device, which turned out to be a fake, had a note attached which said that the device was booby trapped with “powerful new technology plastic explosives” and had instructions to contact [email protected] The authorities found that the email address was created in an internet cafe in a Chicago airport and checked in Sydney soon after the break-in.

From following the email address and surveillance videos of the places where the email address was checked, police tracked down Paul Douglas Peters, a 50-year-old Australian investment banker.  He was found at his ex-wife’s house in the Louisville, KY suburbs. He is now in custody awaiting extradition.

The Daily Telegraph writes that Peters was raised in Hong Kong, where his father was a pilot for Cathay Pacific.  He attended top schools in Australia and went to work for Arthur Andersen in the early 1980s.  His path might have crossed with Pulver’s when Peters was working for Connell Finance in and Pulver was at NetRatings in New York.  They were also in Tokyo and Sydney simultaneously at times, but no direct link between the accused and the victim’s father.

The 2008 financial crisis wrecked Peters’ employer, financial engineering company Allco, where he headed the Malaysian office.

His brother Brent, a former bouncer who was charged and acquitted of supplying heroin and shooting two police officers, was flabbergasted that Paul was accused of such a crime.

“He wouldn’t have the balls,” he told the Daily Telegraph.  “I still don’t believe it. I still think there’s more than meets the eye in this case.”