Paul McCartney Replaced Kurt Cobain In A Nirvana Reunion And Courtney Love Isn’t Happy—Here’s Today’s Buzz

lindsay lohan

Getty Images / Pool via Stylecaster

Lindsay Lohan’s belongings are headed for the auction block.

  • Lindsay Lohan currently owes $16,000 to a storage company after falling behind on paying her monthly bill on a storage unit filled with designer clothes, family heirlooms and potentially embarrassing items. The account is now delinquent and the locker can’t be opened until the balance is paid in full, which can’t happen because the IRS has frozen her bank accounts due to unpaid taxes. If Lohan doesn’t pay up soon, all of her belongings will hit the auction block.
  • Mark Wahlberg is working on an untitled hacker film based loosely on the GQ article “The Hacker Is Watching,” about a terrifying, anonymous hacker who goes after the students of a suburban high school.
  • The whole Apatow clan, kids included, made it out for the premiere of “This is 40,” in which they all star, last night in Los Angeles.
  • Russia’s Karo cinema chain received a $100M investment for multiplex expansion.
  • Former Warner Music Group chief Lyor Cohen is now Kanye West’s close adviser. Cohen, who left Warner Music in September, has been advising West on his music deals, including an upcoming tour. “He’s 100 per cent in Kanye’s camp.”
  • Bruno Mars’ “Locked Out of Heaven” has just bumped Rihanna’s “Diamonds” from the number one spot on the Billboard 100 this week. Over on the albums side, Taylor Swift’s “Red” is back at No. 1, and only 85,000 people bought Ke$ha’s “Warrior.”
  • Courtney Love did not approve of Sir Paul McCartney replacing Kurt Cobain on vocals when Nirvana reunited last night in NYC for the 12-12-12 benefit concert at Madison Square Garden — their first show together in 20 years. Cobain’s widow says she is “not amused” by Paul’s involvement, adding “Look, if John were alive it would be cool.” Watch McCartney, 70, join Nirvana on-stage to perform their new song, “Cut Me Some Slack”: