Star-Studded Cast Joins Paul McCartney In New Music Video 'Queenie Eye'

Queenie EyePaulMcCartneyVEVO/YouTubeJohnny Depp, Kate Moss, and Jude Law join Paul McCartney in his music video for ‘Queenie Eye.’

Paul McCartney gets by with a little help from his friends in the music video for his new song “
Queenie Eye.”

A star-studded cast ranging from Johnny Depp to Sean Penn star in the “Beatles” singer’s video.

McCartney starts off playing piano in an empty Abbey Road studios, and is slowly joined by a set of high-profile friends.

Johnny Depp broods next to the piano, while actress Alice Eve writhes on top of it. Designer Tom Ford dances in his chair, and a fishnet-wearing Kate Moss breaks it down on a table. Meryl Streep watches at a distance, eventually partaking in the fun.

Sean Penn, Jude Law, and Lily Cole also make appearances.

“Queenie Eye” first caused a ruckus when it was revealed that Kate Moss and Johnny Depp would be coming together for the video — 15 years after the two ended their iconic four-year relationship.

McCartney remarked on the pair’s participation in the video, saying:

“They are friends of mine and Stella’s,” Paul said. “I am very lucky they agreed to do it.”

“Queenie Eye” is from McCartney’s latest album “New.”

Watch the video below:

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