Paul Krugman melts down over FBI's Clinton's announcement: Comey 'was trying to swing the election'

Nobel Prize-winning economist and New York Times op-ed columnist Paul Krugman slammed the FBI’s “disgraceful” announcement Friday that it will reopen its investigation into Hillary Clinton’s private email server. 

“It’s bad enough having the media do the ‘raises questions,’ substance-free innuendo thing. Worse when the FBI director does it. Disgraceful,” Krugman, a Clinton supporter, wrote on Twitter. “Comey needs to provide full info immediately. Otherwise he has clearly made a partisan intervention, betraying his office.”

James Comey, the FBI director, wrote in a letter to congressional leaders on Friday
 that investigators had learned of “the existence of emails that appear to be pertinent to the investigation” that compelled agents to continue their probe, which ended in July with no charges recommended against Clinton.

“The FBI cannot assess whether or not this material may be significant,” Comey wrote, adding, “I cannot predict how long it will take us to complete this additional work.”

Krugman condemned how Comey handled the entire ordeal, calling his behaviour “inexcusable” and “grotesque.”

He added that “so far this is a story about Comey and his behaviour. We know nothing at all about what if anything this has to do with HRC.”

View some of his tweets below:




NBC’s Pete Williams reported that the renewed investigation has nothing to do with any emails that Clinton or her campaign may have withheld during the investigation, to which Krugman replied that the announcement has done “measurable damage” to the Clinton campaign anyway.

“Which was predictable,” he added. “Comey behaviour inexcusable.”

“If Pete Williams is right, this is probably nothing important. Yet here we are, with a potentially huge political impact,” Krugman continued.


 Many on Twitter have condemned the FBI’s handling of the announcement that it would reopen the investigation.

“I have zero faith that anyone will handle this responsibly,” former Obama speechwriter Jon Favreau wrote. “It’s insane. He [Comey] at least owes the country a press briefing — anything more than a vague letter.”

“Director Comey should give a more complete explanation. Is this reviewing newly found emails? Is this reopening? Too much at stake,” wrote John Weaver, the former campaign strategist for Gov. John Kasich of Ohio.

The Clinton campaign has not yet commented on the FBI announcement.

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