Paul Hogan Has Accused His Former Financial Adviser Of Making Off With His Millions


The face of the Crocodile Dundee franchise Paul Hogan has accused his former financial adviser, who is the alleged mastermind behind Australia’s biggest tax scam of running off with $32.3 million of his money.

Kate McClymont and Francois Pilet have reported that Hogan’s advisers have launched legal action against Philip Egglishaw — the man known as the “bowler hat Englishman” — in the United States.

It is alleged that Egglishaw set up elaborate financial structures to help minimise his clients’ tax bills.

According to the article, throughout last year he refused to provide Hogan or his advisers with any details of the actor’s money such as bank statements.

Swiss newspaper Le Matin Dimanche has reported Hogan’s millions have “been lying for almost 20 years in account number 379865 at the Corner Bank in Lausanne”.

Action has been launched in the Californian District court to try and claw back the cash.

Hogan had been the subject of a long-running investigation by the Australian Tax Office which was recently settled on confidential terms.

Read the full story here.

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