One NBA executive reportedly believes Paul George is going to be traded to the Boston Celtics

Paul George

It is crazy-rumour season in the NBA as we approach Thursday’s trade deadline, and with two big names already being dealt, at least one NBA executive apparently believes the Boston Celtics will land an All-Star this week — Paul George.

ESPN Insider Marc Stein was a guest on Zach Lowe’s “The Lowe Post” podcast to discuss the big rumours floating around. While Stein does not believe George will be traded, he spoke to one anonymous NBA executive who believes the three-time, third-team, All-NBA player will be in a Celtics uniform later this week.

“I had an executive last night tell me ‘Boston is going to get Paul George this week,'” Stein said.

Stein went on to explain that he doesn’t believe the deal is going to happen. In fact, Stein was using this executive’s opinion as an example of how it is easy to find somebody in the NBA to add support and substance to major trade rumours.

“It is who you want to listen to.” Stein said to Lowe. “Can you find executives out there who think [Jimmy] Butler is going to be moved this week? You definitely can. I had an executive last night tell me ‘Boston is going to get Paul George this week.’ I don’t think Paul George is moving this week. I know you wrote the same. I don’t think Indiana is going to move him now. I think Indiana is trying to make moves this week to strengthen their roster to convince Paul George this is the place he should stay.”

As Stein points out on the podcast, it is not that fun to say we don’t know what is going to happen, but we won’t know if the anonymous executive is right or wrong until it either happens or it doesn’t. Until then, Celtics fans can dream of adding another All-Star to their roster to support their chase for supremacy in the East.

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