Here's a look inside Paul Bettany's intense 3-hour makeup transformation for 'Avengers: Age of Ultron'

The coolest new character introduced in “Avengers: Age of Ultron” was The Vision, an android played by Paul Bettany.

Back in April, the actor told us between makeup, prosthetics, and his costume, it took about about three-and-a-half hours every day to get transformed into the superhero.

However, at the time, Disney and Marvel hadn’t released any images of Bettany getting into his costume.

That’s changed.

Ahead of the movie’s release on Blu-ray and DVD, Marvel has released a behind-the-scenes video of Bettany in the makeup chair.

See how Bettany transformed into the iconic character below.

As a reminder, here's how Bettany looks as The Vision in 'Age of Ultron.'


Here's concept art for the character:

Paul Bettany says he flipped when director Joss Whedon showed him the initial drawings and artwork for Vision in the film.

And here's Bettany in the makeup chair prepping to act out the role on screen:

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In a new featurette to promote the release of 'Avengers: Age of Ultron' on DVD and Blu-ray, Bettany says the makeup and prosthetics alone took about an hour and a half to complete.

First, makeup artists painted his face a shade of fuchsia.

Here's Bettany getting some finishing touches on his face paint.

It's not surprising that some of the face paint end up on the artist's fingertips and hands while prepping Bettany.

Afterward, a headpiece was placed atop him.

Bettany says the headdress gets glued down to his face.

Throughout the process, makeup artists refer to concept drawings for Vision to make sure they're getting everything just right.

'It's amazingly quick, I think, for what is accomplished,' says Bettany in the featurette.

A few final touch ups, and Bettany's ready to go.

Afterward, Bettany still has to get fitted into his costume. Underneath it, Bettany wears a cooling suit to prevent him from getting overheated.

'You have a cooling mechanism, which is a suit beneath it that pumps a sort of ice-cold water around you like racing car drivers use,' Bettany told us back in April.

Bettany's suit also had to get some adjustments made to it. Several holes needed to be made in the headpiece so Bettany could hear.

'You can't hear very well,' Bettany told us. 'You can imagine it's quite isolating.'

After a quick fix, he's good to go. Here's how Bettany looked fully ready to film.

Look closely and you'll notice he had to wear motion tracking dots to capture movement in his face.

Here's a closer look at them. It's also interesting to point out that Vision's yellow mind stone is a different hue in this image, which suggests his gem stone may have once been another colour.

Finally, here's Bettany on set with Chris Hemsworth as Thor.

'Avengers: Age of Ultron' will be released on Blu-ray September 8. You can watch the entire video below.

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