Murderous Ex-Wife Of Gucci Heir Doesn't Want Parole As She'd Have To Get A Job

Patrizia Gucci 1995 Trial


Patrizia Reggiani in 1995

Patrizia Gucci, dubbed the “Black Widow” after she had her ex-husband murdered, has told a Milan parole board that she doesn’t want to be set free as she’d have to get a job, reports The Daily Mail.Gucci, also known as┬áPatrizia Reggiani, is eligible for day release after serving half of her 26 year sentence. However, she reportedly told the board at San Vittore jail: “No thanks as it would mean getting a job and I have never worked a day in my life.”

“I would prefer to stay in my cell and water my plants,” she said, adding that she needed to look after her pet ferret.

In 1995, Gucci was convicted for arranging the murder her ex-husband, Maurizio Gucci, the heir and last family CEO of the Gucci empire. He had sold his stake in the company just two years before his death for $170 million.

“I’d rather cry in a Rolls than be happy on a bicycle,” Patrizia once famously said.

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