The Patriots attempted one of the worst onside kicks you'll ever see, and it was a fitting end to their ugly loss

  • The New England Patriots looked terrible on Monday night but were still alive in the final minute.
  • Unfortunately for the Patriots, Stephen Gostkowski’s onside-kick attempt looked half-hearted, at best.
  • Jon Gruden called it “the most bizarre onside kick” he had ever seen.

The New England Patriots had one of their worst offensive performances of the Tom Brady era, yet they were still in Monday night’s game against the Miami Dolphins until the end. That is, until the onside kick.

The Patriots gained just 2 yards in the first quarter, their worst showing since Brady’s first season as a starter, and they went 0-for-11 on third down, something a Brady-led team had never done. And yet, after a field goal in the final minute, the Pats trailed the Dolphins by seven, 27-20, and needed just to recover an onside kick for a shot to send the game to overtime.

Then this happened:

What. Was. That?

Not only did the ball not travel 10 yards, but the Dolphins recovered the ball easily.

It almost seemed as if Stephen Gostkowski were throwing a temper tantrum and decided to ignore coach Bill Belichick’s order to attempt a reasonable onside kick.

The ESPN commentator Jon Gruden may have summed it up best, saying: “That’s the most bizarre onside kick I’ve seen.”

Needless to say, the Dolphins went on to win the game.

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