Fan accused of pulling Steelers hotel fire alarm reportedly told police 'I'm drunk, I'm stupid, I'm a Pats fan'

The night before the Pittsburgh Steelers played the New England Patriots in the AFC Championship Game, a fire alarm went off at the airport hotel in which the Steelers were staying, forcing the team to briefly evacuate.

According to the police report from the night of the incident (via the Boston Globe), Dennis Harrison, the man State Troopers quickly arrested, had this to say when he was arrested:

“I’m drunk. I’m stupid. I’m a Pats fan.”

On Monday, Harrison appeared in East Boston Municipal Court and pleaded not guilty to charges of disorderly conduct, disturbing the peace and setting off a false fire alarm.

According to police reports on the night of his arrest, Harrison had been at a party in nearby Revere when his friends dared him to go to the Logan Airport Hotel and set off the alarm. After he was dropped off by his designated driver, Harrison reportedly walked inside and pulled the alarm. 

But when Harrison went back outside, the Boston Globe explained, his getaway driver had ditched him. This led Harrison no choice but to flea on foot, and he was quickly found by State Troopers. The Globe added that he at first told Troopers he was waiting for an Uber, but quickly confessed to the crime.

“Harrison informed me that he knowingly and willingly activated the fire alarm system with the sole purpose of attempting to disrupt the Pittsburgh Steelers football team,” Trooper Bryan Erickson wrote, according to the Globe.

The Patriots, of course, went on to trounce the Steelers approximately 15 hours after the fire alarm was pulled. Harrison, who was released on personal recognizance, will appear in court in February. 

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