The Patriots Made A Desperation Trade To Fix Their Most Glaring Problem

bill belichick of the new england patriots coach

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The New England Patriots traded for Tampa Bay Bucs cornerback Aqib Talib in an attempt to fix their broken pass defence.Two things that indicate this is a desperation move:

1. Talib is currently suspended for using adderall, and has a history of off-the-field issues.

2. According to Greg A. Bedard of the Boston Globe, people around the league seem to think the Patriots gave up way too much by sending a fourth-round pick to Tampa.

But on the other hand Talib is instantly the best corner on the team.

New England is a disappointing 5-3, and a lot of the blame is on the secondary. They’re 28th in passing yards allowed per game, and have been picked apart in losses to bottom-tier QBs in Mark Sanchez and Russell Wilson. They’ve let up 42 passes of 20 yards or longer, which is seven more than the second-to-last team in the NFL.

In all other areas the Patriots are a Super Bowl-calibre team, but their pass defence is probably the worst single unit on any top-8 team right now (although Green Bay’s run game is close).

Talib can’t play until Week 11 because of that suspension. But if he’s able to stay out of trouble once he returns, he should improve that glaring weakness dramatically. He’s a big, playmaking corner who can actually play man coverage.

It’s probably a little desperate given Talib’s personal issues, and the Patriots now don’t have a fourth, fifth, or sixth round pick next year. But they still had to do it, the secondary was that bad.

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