Las Vegas Bookies Are The Last Remaining People Who Don’t Believe In Tim Tebow

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Round Two of Tebowmania has scooped up the last remaining Tim Tebow detractors in its whirlwind.The only haters left, it seems, are the Las Vegas bookmakers who still have no faith in the Broncos — making them 13.5-point underdogs in Saturday’s showdown with the New England Patriots.

The line makes complete sense: the Pats exposed the Broncos D in dominating fashion in Week 15, New England is at home, and Denver played a perfect game last week against a gimpy Steelers team and still barely won.

But on the other hand, how do you handicap Denver’s momentum after such a huge win? How can you say that Tebow won’t throw down another ridiculous passing performance against a New England secondary that’s way worse than Pittsburgh’s?

Right now, the action on the game is almost dead even (51-49 to New England, according to It’d take a huge Pats surge to push this over two touchdowns — but given how enamoured the public is with Tebow, don’t count on that happening.

So expect this number to stay at 13.5. Any takers?