Bill Belichick Motivates His Players By Embarrassing Them Over And Over And Over Again

bill belichick before super bowl 42

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Former and current New England Patriots players have come to both love and hate Monday film sessions for the heavy humiliation provided by boorish head coach Bill Belichick.Belichick enjoys pointing out mistakes by repeatedly showing clips of the bad plays long after they occurred, according to a piece by Jackie MacMullan of

“So there’s this one play that made [former linebacker] Don [Davis] look really bad,” [Mike] Vrabel recalled. “Bill showed it a few times then said, ‘Offseason award winner, my arse. You look like a cow on ice.’ Tedy [Bruschi] and I were in the back laughing our butts off.”

Not even Tom Brady is immune, as Belichick laid into him a few times for throwing a lame duck pass a few years ago. After the game, Brady knew what was coming, telling his teammates, “Bring the popcorn. I’ll be the star of tomorrow’s show.”

Kicker Stephen Gostkowski probably put it best.

“He never forgets anything. He still brings up plays from when he was a coach with the Giants and the Browns. Those meetings are like an NFL history lesson.”

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