There's One Glaring Way Path Is A Better Mobile App Than Facebook, Twitter Or Instagram

Dave Morin Path

Photo: Dave Morin

Entrepreneur Brendan Mulligan is impressed by Dave Morin’s mobile social network, Path.He publicly proclaimed on TechCrunch, “It’s one of the best mobile products I’ve ever used and possibly the best true social network I’ve ever been a part of.”

Mulligan compares Path to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Path, he says, has the most consistent tone.

He defines his Facebook experience as a “barrage of whatever can be crammed into a single newsfeed.” His Twitter experience is “a stream of extremely useful and extremely random information.  Instagram is just a bunch of good-looking photos comprised of inconsistent content.

Path, however, shows him the “personal moments of friends experiencing life.” It shows when friends go for runs, what time they wake up, and where they go to breakfast.

“Although the content in Path might seem more monotonous, what makes it really unique is the content is so consistent. It’s all friends sharing experiences. It’s not them sharing what they’ve read, or some photo they found in a magazine, or an article about their company. It’s personal moments,” he writes.

Of course, Path is the newest of all the mobile apps Mulligan compares it to. Facebook and Twitter have had more time to roll out new features and gain more users (850 million versus Path’s 3 million), which leads to crammed content streams.

Mulligan realises Path still has a long way to go too. Twitter and Facebook are still the best places to share links. Location data doesn’t work well on Path either.

“I’m sure will find a way to make data coming in from other apps work,” he writes. “But they need to do it in a way that fits the tone of the rest of the content. If that tone becomes inconsistent, the thing that makes Path special will be lost.”

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