Two Tickets To Joe Paterno’s Memorial Service Are More Than $90,000 On eBay Right Now*

Someone put two tickets for Joe Paterno’s memorial service on eBay this morning, and the bidding is up to $90,000 (and going up every second).

The tickets are for the memorial service being held Thursday, January 26 at the Bryce Jordan centre at Penn State.

The tickets were free and “sold out” in five-seven minutes this morning.

The bidding on eBay is going up in HUGE increments, $5,000-$10,000 every bid. People are speculating, they are fake bids in attempt to get eBay to take the tickets down and end the bidding.

The following note is at the bottom of the eBay ad:

Seats are section 226, row and seat numbers will not be posted. Seats are side by side.

To those opposing this auction: no one is forcing you to buy tickets; it is a choice. And yes, there are much worse ways to make a dollar, judge not lest ye be judged. You do not know my situation. Thank-you.

UPDATE: The tickets have been removed from eBay.


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