Paterno Family And Penn State To Sue NCAA

Jay Paterno

The attorney for the family of the late Joe Paterno, along with a former governor of Pennsylvania, will announce later today that they are filing a lawsuit against the NCAA according to Dustin Hockensmith of

The announcement will occur during an episode of “Costas Tonight” with host Bob Costas on the NBC Sports Network. The episode will air following tonight’s game seven in the NHL’s Western Conference semifinals.

Wick Sollers, the attorney for the Paterno family, will be joined by former Pennsylvania Gov. Dick Thornburgh and Dan McGinn, a spokesman for the Paterno family.

This lawsuit comes in the wake of another lawsuit filed earlier this month by current governor Tom Corbett that challenges how the NCAA plans to use the $60 million fine levied against Penn State. Gov. Corbett is fighting to have money from the fine used in the state of Pennsylvania.

It is unclear yet what the family and the university will specifically be suing for, but the family has long-argued that the NCAA overstepped its bounds with the Freeh Report, which investigated the role of the university and Joe Paterno in the Jerry Sandusky child rape case.

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