Pat Sajak Admits He Was Drunk Behind The Wheel Of Fortune


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The iconic host of “Wheel of Fortune” has officially become 10 times funnier.On an episode of ESPN2’s “Dan Le Batard Is Highly Questionable,” Pat Sajak revealed that he and co-host Vanna White used to get drunk before the taping of early “Wheel of Fortune” episodes. Apparently it was a “different show back then.”

Their drink of choice? Margaritas.

Sajak and White would have over two hours to kill before taping began, so the pair would trek over to a nearby Mexican restaurant, Los Arcos, and would sometimes drink up to six margaritas before heading back to the studio. Sajak did say though the average amount of drinks was four.

The 65-year-old host says he doesn’t drink before shows anymore because if he tried to drink now, he’d probably “keel over.” When asked if he thought the drunken shows were any good, Sajak replied, “Well I had a lot of fun.”

Check out the full interview below.