Less than 1% of people can solve all 10 of these mind-bending puzzles correctly. Here's what your score reveals about you.

Courtesy of Buzz BingoWhat would the missing piece look like?
  • Buzz Bingo challenged users to find the missing puzzle piece in 10 intricate photographs in under 10 seconds.
  • The majority of people were only able to get four out of 10 questions right, and only .6% were able to get a perfect score.
  • The data shows that women, creatives, and frequent puzzle solvers performed better on the quiz.
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Trying to find the missing puzzle piece can be frustrating, but one brainteaser has turned the communal problem into a fun and challenging game.

Buzz Bingo created a brainteaser that challenges users to find the missing piece from incredibly detailed pictures in under 10 seconds.

Can you find the missing puzzle pieces? Take the quiz below and find out.

According to Buzz Bingo, which tested 2,000 people, on average, most people got four out of 10 answers correct. About 17.9% got seven answers right, while only 2.8% solved nine puzzles correctly. Just .6% were able to get a perfect score.

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When broken down by demographics, the scoring becomes even more interesting. Turns out, women found the test slightly easier than men. Additionally, the younger generations scored higher than older generations. For example, 18 to 25 year olds scored a 52.6% on average, but people over 65 earned just 34.5%.

The data also proved that two personality types scored higher on the test: creatives and frequent puzzle solvers. Buzz Bingo found that people who identified as “creative” scored 23.2% on average, while non-creatives earned 15%. Likewise, those who said they frequently complete Sudoku or crosswords scored 45.1%, compared to those who said they never play brainteasers and earned a 38.5%.

How do you compare to the data?

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