The Parsons Green Tube bomber has been found guilty of attempted murder

CCTV footage of Ahmed Hassan. Sky News
  • Ahmed Hassan, 18, has been found guilty of a terror attack in London.
  • Hassan planted a defective bomb on a District Line train last September.
  • It partially exploded, injuring 30 people, but didn’t kill anybody.

Ahmed Hassan, the man who planted a bomb on a London Underground train last year, has been found guilty of attempted murder.

Hassan, who is 18, left a device on a District Line service, which detonated at Parsons Green station on September 15, 2017.

The device didn’t work properly, and nobody was killed in the attack. However, 30 people were injured.

This photograph shows the bomb shortly after it partially detonated.

Explosion parsons green
The Parsons Green bomb. Sylvain Pennic

Police said shortly after the attack that had the bomb worked as planned it could have killed many people.

Hassan was on trial at the Old Bailey in central London. The verdict was announced on Friday morning.

He will be sentenced at a separate court hearing next week, and is almost certain to face a long jail term.