These Are The Best Headphones Money Can Buy

parrot zik headphones

Finding the perfect headphones can feel like a neverending task. There are so many to choose from, with various features that appeal to different types of people. 

That’s why we were shocked when we came across the Parrot Zik over ear headphones: They were just that good.

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The Zik features a touch panel on the right ear cup. Swipe up to raise the volume and swipe down to lower it. Swiping forward will skip to the next song and backwards will take you back.

The Zik features a head-detection sensor. When you remove the headphones, the music will pause. It also packs in five microphones and a powerful digital signal processor.

One of our favourite features was the Concert Hall feature. When we switched it on, we really felt like we were in a big space with great acoustics.

Slipping the headphones on eliminates all external noises and connects you directly with the music. And did we mention how comfortable they are? The supple leather surrounded our ears and really made us feel like we were somewhere else.

Despite the excellent sound quality and amazing feel, the headphones were not without fault. The battery life was shorter than we expected. With all features activated, it’s six hours. With Active Noise Cancellation only, it’s 18 hours. And on standby, it’s 24 hours.

Pairing the Bluetooth with multiple devices was difficult. 

Toward the end of our time with the headphones, the Bluetooth had difficulty staying paired with our desktop—which could have been related to low battery charge.

Despite a few issues, we still loved the overall experience.

If you are looking for a gift for the audiophile in your life, this is it.

We’ve since gone back to our Beats By Dre Bluetooth headphones. The experience isn’t the same. It feels like we’re now driving a Kia when we had a Mercedes before.

Price: $400

Designed by Philippe Starck, The Parrot Zik was inspired by nature. They're full of sensors and connect you personally with your music.

Here's how the controls work. Swipe forward and backwards to change. Up and down for volume. And remove them to pause.

The right ear cup features a touch interface. Swipe up and down for volume and back and forward to change songs.

This is everything that goes into making the headphones. As you can tell, there are a lot of pieces.

There are over five microphones built in. You charge the headphones via micro USB.

If you are an Android or iPhone user you can download an app that will give you even more control over the headphones.

Through the app you can check battery levels, and toggle features like noise cancellation and Concert Hall sound.

Overall: The Mercedes of headphones.

Even our favourite gadgets have flaws ...

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