Parliamentary Speaker Bronwyn Bishop has been charging taxpayers for more than just a helicopter

Photo: Stefan Postles/ Getty.

Parliamentary Speaker Bronwyn Bishop is in hot water over misallocating taxpayers’ money – again.

The are fresh reports from News Corp this morning that the Speaker charged taxpayers $288 in travel allowance to attend the wedding of another Liberal MP.

It is alleged that Bishop used the money to stay in Brisbane on the night of Teresa Gambaro’s wedding in 2007.

This follows news that the Speaker spent $600 on return flights from Sydney to Albury, where she attended the wedding of former MP Sophie Mirabella in 2006.

Many are calling for the Speaker to step down amid the revelations which follow last week’s “helicopter expenses scandal”, and has now become a test of prime minister Tony Abbott’s leadership, but Bishop says she would do no such thing.

“One doesn’t resign for an error of judgment when it’s within the guidelines, and indeed it is,” she said referring to her $5227 helicopter ride from Melbourne and Geelong. Read more on that here.

As a result the Speaker was placed “on probation” by prime minister Tony Abbott, who ordered her to repay the money and a $1300 fine.

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