Parkland quarterback made his college decision after forming a bond with coaches during the mass shooting at the school

  • A quarterback from Marjory Stoneman has committed to play college football for Nichols College after he spent the recent shooting at his school in hiding with representatives from the school.
  • Tyler Goodman was not initially strongly considering Nichols, but the bond he formed with the coaches while in hiding changed his mind.
  • He wants to wear the number 17 in college as a tribute to the shooting’s victims.

Tyler Goodman, a quarterback from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, the sight of a recent school shooting which claimed 17 lives, has committed to play college football for the coaches he spent the shooting in hiding with, as reported by the Associated Press.

During the February 14th shooting, Goodman hid in a room with his high school football coach, several teammates, and the dean of admissions, Paul Brower, and assistant football coach, St. Clair Ryan, from the NCAA Division III school Nichols College.

Goodman did not originally consider Nichols to be one of his top choices, but his experience in the shooting and a subsequent campus visit to Nichols convinced him to commit to the school.

“Being stuck with two recruiting coaches for three hours in such a tragic moment, we kind of formed that bond in a way … like something special,” Goodman said.

In college, Goodman hopes to wear the number 17, in honour of the shooting’s victims.

Everyone in hiding with Goodman made it through the shooting unharmed, but one his best friends, Joaquin “Guac” Oliver, was killed, according to the AP. Also killed in the shooting was an assistant football coach for Marjory Stoneman, Aaron Feis.