Two Wall Street Hangouts Quietly Closed Down Over The Holiday Break

While you were sleeping in or staring blankly at your spreadsheet to put in some face time over the slow holiday season, two well-loved Wall Street hangouts closed down in NYC.

These are not the kinds of stories I like to write, but someone has to do it.

First, famed seasonal restaurant Park Avenue Winter shuts its doors. The restaurant’s lease expired and it’s unclear when or where the restaurant will reopen (though Alan and Michael Stillman, the father-son duo who own the restaurant say it will).

The duo also closed Hurricane Steak + Sushi (once called The Hurricane Club).

According to Eater, there was word that Park Avenue Winter might open in The Hurricane Club’s space, but apparently that’s not happening.

You may recall that Park Avenue Fall (same restaurant, remember … seasonal) was the official replacement spot for Wall Street’s Lowes Regency “Power Breakfast” while the hotel was getting remodeled last year.

The other sad closing that should be noted is the shuttering of SL, the basement nightclub owned by EMM Group (they also own Catch NY and Catch Miami).

EMM is looking into a new concept for the space, which was near-legendary club Lotus before it turned into the Ciroc-fest that was SL.

In fact, the space really hasn’t ever reached the popularity it had since Lotus died (think: beautiful, famous people and a weekly DJ set from Questlove).

So let’s pour one out for these fallen hangs. Never forget.

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