One statistic shows how miraculously prepared Paris was for the terror attacks

The Paris terror attacks killed 129 people.

Over 400 people were injured.

But at Carol Matlack notes at Bloomberg, few of the injured have died.

Just three of those hospitalized with grave injuries have died in the four days since the attacks,” she reports.

It’s an astounding figure, indicative of the effectiveness of the French healthcare system, which is repeatedly ranked as among the world’s best.

According to Matlack, Paris hospitals and ambulance crews have been rehearsing what to do in response to a mass shooting since the Charlie Hebdo attacks last January.

Parisians hospitals even did a simulation of a mass shooting earlier on Friday, the day of attack. Nearly every surgeon in Paris had gone through the simulations by the time the terrorists attacked.

So the first responders were very, very prepared.

GettyImages 497047890Thierry Chesnot / GettyA medic attends to man after the attack in Paris.

Georges Pompidou, a hospital that specialises in gunshot wounds, treated 50 of the injured in the attacks — and none of them died.

The head of the emergency department there, Dr. Philippe Juvin, served in Afghanistan, and credits the wartime experience with his ability to manage the inflow of patients. He told the Associated Press that doctors leaving their shifts and physicians on vacation also showed up to offer whatever help they could.

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