Paris Hilton Storms Out Of "Good Morning America" Interview When Asked If "Her Moment Has Passed" (VIDEO)


Paris Hilton sat down with GMA’s Dan Harris at her L.A. home to talk about her flailing reality show and frightening stalker.

But she definitely wasn’t prepped for one line of questioning.

When Harris brought up the low ratings of Hilton’s Oxygen reality show, he asked Hilton whether she ever worried about being overshadowed by the likes of Kim Kardashian — and if she ever worries “that her moment has passed.”

Hilton froze up, laughed, and promptly walked off-camera.

She was still mic’d up and could be heard telling her publicist, “I don’t want all this stuff used.”

Eventually Hilton returned with a flack-friendly response to Harris’s question.

Video below.

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