I'm obsessed with Paris Hilton's Instagrams from Burning Man

Burning Man is currently in full swing, with burners pilgrimaging across the world to rage in the dust and sun of the playa, two hours north of Reno, Nevada.

And while celebrities are no strangers to Burning Man, this year one celebrity you may not have expected has decided to join the fun  — heiress, singer, and former reality star, Paris Hilton.

It all started when the 35-year-old Hilton got #BurningMan #Braids from her boy @ChrisDylanHair. He #KilledIt.

She flew a private jet with friends to the Black Rock City Airport just outside the playa.

While first timers are asked to roll around in the dust naked — a sort of Burning Man baptism — Hilton opted to keep her clothes on:

And then, she raged.

She even ran into models (and sisters) Poppy and Cara Delevingne in the dessert.

But the reason people go to Burning Man? The community Instagram opportunities.

Excuse this commercial break for Hilton’s Instagram ad for her Gold Rush perfume.

“Reunited with my #SpiritSister@BrandiHowe on the #Playa#BurningMan

Keep on keepin’ on, Paris. You can follow her adventures in the playa here.

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