Paris just hosted a floating movie theatre where people sat in socially distant boats on the water, and the photos are stunning

Le cinema sur l’eauThe event was one-night-only.
  • Every year, the French capital creates temporary beaches along the Seine and the Bassin de la Villette during the summer in an event called Paris Plages (Paris beaches).
  • This year, it took the event one step further and created “Cinéma sur l’Eau” (cinema on the water), in which the lucky winners of a raffle that took place in early July could watch a film from the comfort of socially distanced electric boats.
  • The floating cinema existed for one night only and took place on July 18.
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On Saturday, 150 locals watched “Le Grand Bain” from 38 electric boats floating on the water.

Le cinema sur l’eauEach boat seated four to six people.

Source: Que Faire Paris

The appropriately aquatic French comedy, called “Sink or Swim” in English, is about a group of middle-aged men who start a synchronised swimming team.

Le cinema sur l’eauThere were 38 boats available.

Source: IMDB

According to a press release from PR company Spark Agency, each boat seated four to six people.

Le cinema sur l’eauOnly groups of friends or families were allowed to share boats.

Another 150 people were able to watch the movie from deck chairs on land.

Le cinema sur l’eauEvery year, Paris turns the shores of the Seine into temporary beaches with sand and chairs.

Social-distancing practices ensured that groups were family or friends only.

Le cinema sur l’eauThe weather was perfect.

The weather for the event was perfect — there wasn’t a cloud in sight.

Le cinema sur l’eauThe screen was approximately 52 feet by 30 feet.

Elisha Karmitz, the CEO of MK2 Cinemas, which collaborated on the event, told Euronews that it was a way to celebrate the end of lockdown in Paris.

Le cinema sur l’eauThe event was free: Movie-goers were winners of a raffle that took place from July 7 to July 15.

Source: Euronews

“After the few months of confinement, we thought we needed a way to tell to the people and to tell to the world that cinemas are open in Paris, that Paris is one of the worldwide capitals of cinema,” he said.

Le cinema sur l’eauThe boats were electric.

Source: Euronews

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