The Paris Terrorists Were Found With GoPro Cameras

ParisFrench policeHandout photos released by French police in Paris of Cherif Kouachi, 32, and his brother Said Kouachi, 34.

The Paris terrorists were found with GoPro video cameras and may have intended to use them film their attacks.

The Daily Mirror reports that Amedy Coulibaly used a GoPro camera during the raid on a Jewish supermarket, where he killed four hostages. 

Now, another journalist claims that Saïd Kouachi and Chérif Kouachi, the brothers suspected of being behind the shooting at the offices of Charlie Hebdo, were found to be in possession of a GoPro camera.

Guardian reporter Jason Burke claims that the brothers were found with a GoPro camera, and French police are now examining the device. There’s no sign that the camera was used to film the Charlie Hebdo shooting, though, as Burke claims the device was still sealed when discovered by police.

As Burke says on Twitter, the camera remained in the vehicle:

GoPro cameras, when tethered with a smartphone can be used to livestream video footage, a chilling possibility. That definitely didn’t happen in the Charlie Hebdo shooting, but if jihadists do start to embrace technology in the future, then it’s a possible scenario.

It looks like the pair of gunmen were in a hurry to ditch their getaway car. They abandoned the Citroën DS3 in a Paris street, leaving behind an ID card that belonged to a relative.

Here’s how the gunmen fled the scene of the Charlie Hebdo shooting:

Coulibaly posted a video online in which he claimed to be an ISIS supporter. The use of GoPro cameras in the Paris attacks is likely a tribute to the jihad videos released by ISIS, which show fighters shooting and killing civilians. 

Terrorists use graphic videos as a form of propaganda, knowing that they will be reposted and spread online. It’s possible that the Paris attackers intended to edit together a video of their attacks from the body-mounted cameras to try and inspire other radical Muslims to carry out copycat attacks.

This story originally claimed that the brothers involved in the Charlie Hebdo office shooting may have used the GoPro camera to film the attack. That was wrong, as the camera found in the getaway vehicle was sealed, and the story has been changed to reflect that.

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