The brother of two of the Paris attackers found out about their involvement on TV like everyone else

The brother of two Paris attackers said he and his family had no idea they were involved.

Mohammad Abdeslam — the brother of Ibrahim and Salah Abdeslam, two men involved in the Paris attacks — was stunned when he found out.

“We didn’t know,” he said, per Reuters. “Neither us nor our family. They’re big boys, they’re adults, we don’t ask them for their timetable whenever they leave the house. We don’t know where they are right now. We don’t know, with all this tension, if he’ll dare turn himself in. But you have to remember he grew up here, he studied here, he was a normal boy.”

Mohammad was detained by police in Brussels over the weekend for questioning, but was later released.

“We’re a totally open family, we’ve never had any problems with the police,” he said. “You have to know that in spite of the tragedy my parents are in shock, they don’t really know what’s happened. My family and I are very moved by what’s happened. We found out about it from the television as many of you did. And we never thought that one of my brothers could be linked to this attack.”

Ibrahim blew himself up at the Comptoir Voltaire café near the Bataclan theatre where at least 89 people were killed during the Paris attacks on Friday. His brother, Salah, is currently the target of a massive international manhunt, and the only person believed to be directly involved in the attack who is still at large.

At least 129 people were killed in multiple terrorist attacks across Paris. The Islamic State took credit for the killings, and France and the United States have since responded with increased airstrikes on ISIS targets in Syria.

Story by Allan Smith and editing by Adam Banicki

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