Wealthy Parents Are Spending A Crazy Amount Of Money On Their Kids' Summer Camp Clothes

summer camp kids

Instead of Gap T-shirts and old jean shorts, New York’s elite parents are turning to personal shoppers and designer duds for their child’s summer camp wardrobe,

according to Crain’s New York.”Camp is a tremendous business for us,” Barry Cohen, a partner in popular tween store Lester’s, told Crain’s. “There is a real style to camp now. It’s a competitive world, and you’ve got to keep up with your friends.”

Lester’s started selling camp merchandise eight years ago, and told Crain’s they now employ 15 buyers who focus on products for summer camp. Some of the products include C&C California tees and True Religion jeans, which can cost over $100 for a pair of pants.

The price of all this monogrammed designer gear means parents could be blowing as much as  $2,500 to outfit their kids just for the summer, Crain’s reports.

Sleepaway summer camps have substantially grown in status and popularity in recent years. It’s not uncommon for elite summer retreats to cost parents more than $10,000 and offer activities like fencing, climbing walls, and zip lines.

Sources also told Crain’s that some families are even paying “camp advisers” to help them decide which camp is the best fit for their child. The camp advisers help families set up visits and research the different camps, and can charge up to 20% of the camp’s tuition for their services.

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