Parents Rushing To Pull Kids Out Of Day Care


Yep, the new daycare facility is called grandma and grandpa’s house. The only cost is a lot of guilt.

Or, hey, could be you once you get laid off.

WSJ: Enrollment at some child-care centres is falling and nanny agencies are reporting mounting layoffs as families cut child-care costs — which rival mortgage payments in many households. An October online survey by the women’s Web site found that 12% of 100-plus parents who responded are cutting child care.

Some parents are tapping grandparents or even great-grandparents for help. Others are switching to back-to-back shifts to trade off child-care duties. Still others try to work at home with their children present, or even take them to the office. And many wonder just how deeply they can cut child-care costs without hurting the kids.

…Some 40% of grandparents who live near young grandchildren are regularly providing child care, according to an August survey of 500 grandparents by the National Association of Child Care Resource & Referral Agencies. While research shows leaving a baby or toddler with grandparents can be good for them, the trend isn’t without its costs. Although Mayra Montano, of Los Angeles, is happy to care for her daughter’s three children, her husband was recently laid off and she needs to look for a job herself now. “I’m getting sick from all the stress,” she says.