Parents on Facebook are going nuts for this stroller that folds up into a tiny box

A video of a magical stroller that can fold smaller than a backpack is going viral on Facebook.

The video was uploaded by baby product expert Jamie Grayson of the website Baby Guy Gear Guide and the Facebook page TheBabyGuyNYC who posted it from the ABC Kids Expo in Las Vegas on Sunday.

Called the Pockit Stroller from GB Child USA, the stroller can quickly fold down into a compact 12-inch by 14-inch by 7-inch pack that weighs only nine pounds. Check out the video of it in action:

The new Pockit Stroller from GB Child USA. The smallest stroller fold in the world. #abckids15
Posted by TheBabyGuyNYC on Sunday, October 18, 2015

Let’s break down how it works. First, the demonstrator folded in the wheels of the stroller and folded back the sun shade visor to make it more compact.

And then within seconds, the entire stroller collapses into an easy carry-on size to “go in the overhead of a plane or under your seat.”

It also expands back to its original size with a snap. Impressive!

And if you don’t want to take the time to fold the wheels down, the stroller can still collapse easily — it just might be a few inches taller. “Look at that, that is a stroller,” Grayson says in awe in the video.

Within two days of posting about the stroller, Grayson’s video has been viewed over eight million times, shared over 170,000 times, and liked by nearly 43,000 people. It even attracted almost 18,000 new Facebook likes to his page at the time of this post.

Parent commenters agreed, begging to know more details and when they could buy one for themselves.

But they will have to wait. According to Grayson, the Pockit stroller doesn’t have a price yet and won’t be available until March or April. It will be suitable for children anywhere from six months up to 55 pounds.

And while most parents seemed to be impressed with the sleek design, not everyone was a fan.

“I don’t like this stroller at all really,” one commenter wrote. “Where is the comfort in this? One sling of fabric and then just frame. And no basket for necessities, so get ready to carry everything. Reminds me of a smaller folding umbrella stroller, with a bigger price tag.”

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