Sushi lovers have been warned about raw fish parasites after a man was found with disgusting worms in his gut

ITALY Daruma Sushi Rome Daruma RollDeliverooAnisakiasis is a parasitic disease caused by the consumption of contaminated raw or undercooked fish or seafood.

Doctors have warned that the growing popularity of sushi in Western diets could lead to a rise in parasitic infections.

Writing in the British journal The BMJ Case Reports, Lisbon-based researchers found a healthy 32-year-old man became violently ill after eating raw fish.

The man was admitted to the hospital after suffering severe abdominal pain, vomiting, and fever for a week after eating a sushi meal.

The results of an endoscopy found worm-like parasite larvae, known as anisakiasis, had formed in his gut. The larva was removed and the patient’s symptoms improved immediately, according to the BMJ report.

The medics warned that “owing to changing food habits, anisakiasis is a growing disease in Western countries, which should be suspected in patients with a history of ingestion of raw or uncooked fish.”

Most cases of anisakiasis have been reported in Japan, according to the report, where sushi originates from.

Below, the endoscopy results show the worm-like parasite larvae firmly attached to the lining of the 32-year-old patient’s gut.

The larva was removed and the patient’s symptoms improved immediately.

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