Paramount Steals Box Office Lead From Warner Bros.

Ever since The Dark Knight helped Warner Bros. outgross Paramount last summer, Time Warner’s movie division has had the largest market share in Hollywood and the highest U.S. box-office revenues of any studio.

But that was before Star Trek. The shakeup we discussed last week happened this weekend. Paramount has now unseated Warner Bros. and has the dominant market share in Tinseltown, with 16.9% or $617.3 million of the $3.7 billion in total box-office revenues earned so far this year to Warner Bros.’ 16.5% or $602.6 million.

Paramount’s victory may be short-lived, considering that there’s only $15 million separating Viacom’s studio from Warner Bros., which releases what could be this summer’s first $100 million-weekend movie, Terminator Salvation, on Thursday. But for now, Paramount has gone where no studio has gone in the past 10 months.

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