'Star Trek' Has Paramount Pushing Warner Bros. In Box Office Battle

It’s only two weeks into summer movie season and we’re already on the verge of a shakeup in the studio market share ranks. Paramount’s now within $50 million of replacing Warner Bros. as the studio that’s made the most money at the box office this year.

Warner Bros. has outgrossed every other studio since The Dark Knight helped it blast past Paramount last summer. And just two weeks ago, the difference between Warner Bros. and Paramount’s 2009 box office totals was more than $100 million. But Star Trek has narrowed the gap to within $50 million. Given the strong performance of that film, Paramount could overtake Warner Bros. in the next few weeks, unless Terminator Salvation, set to be released May 21, keeps Warner alive.

Last year, Paramount overtook 20th Century Fox at the top early in the summer, and Fox’s market share plummeted after it released a string of box-office disappointments. We doubt the same thing will happen with Warner Bros, though, with its upcoming Harry Potter film and the sheer volume of movies it’s releasing this year thanks to its acquisition of New Line Cinema.


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