Paramount Buys Oscar Ad For “The Soloist”


Before Paramount’s The Soloist was bumped from last November to this April, it was seen as a potential awards vehicle for stars Robert Downey, Jr. and Jamie Foxx. So, it’s ironic that the first movie ad bought for this year’s Oscars is for—The Soloist.

As we reported this fall, the desperate-for-ad-dollars Academy Awards has ended its ban on movie advertising, opening commercial time to upcoming films.

The Soloist has a number of Oscar connections: Foxx is a former award winner, Downey, Jr. is a frequent nominee (including this year) and director Joe Wright and screenwriter Susannah Grant have both been nominated in the past.

Still, we’re a bit surprised by Paramount’s choice. We expected them to go with a big summer movie like Transformers, but maybe they thought the mostly-female Oscar audience would respond more to a heartwarming drama than a pulse-racing action movie. But we wonder if they would’ve gone with Transformers if The Dark Knight had gotten a much-desired Best Picture nod.

The trailer is below. You tell us: Oscar-ad material?