A Paralympic gold medallist says he came face-to-face with a naked Roger Federer in a locker room — and he accidentally saw his manhood

Getty ImagesDylan Alcott has excelled in wheelchair basketball and in tennis.
  • A paralympic gold medalist has recalled a hilarious incident involving Roger Federer.
  • Dylan Alcott, the paralympian who has excelled in two sports, shared a locker room with a naked Roger Federer at an Australian Open event.
  • Alcott said he was eye-level with Federer’s manhood and did not know where to look.
  • Alcott was so flustered by the whole incident that he can’t exactly remember what he and Federer talked about.

A paralympic gold medallist came face-to-face with a naked Roger Federer in a locker room, accidentally saw his manhood, and got so flustered he can’t remember exactly what he said.

Federer has dominated tennis for decades. In that time he has won more Grand Slam titles than any other men’s singles player. He has the highest hard court match win percentage (87.6%), and he has spent the most weeks as the number one men’s tennis player on the planet (310 weeks, more than anyone in history).

Federer also has a lot of fans – and some of those fans happen to be athletes themselves.

Dylan Alcott, the Australian wheelchair basketball player who won a gold medal at the 2008 Summer Paralympics in Beijing, is one of his biggest supporters.

Alcott, who is also an expert wheelchair tennis player, got to meet his sporting hero in a locker room at the Australian Open – and Federer just happened to be completely naked.

“I got to play my first Australian Open and I went into the locker room … I put my tennis bag in (the locker), I get my racquet out, and then standing there, completely naked, basically with his penis on my shoulder, is Roger Federer,” Alcott said on Andrew Denton’s Interview, according to the Daily Mail.

Roger FedererGetty ImagesRoger Federer.

“He goes, ‘Hello I’m Roger’, and I go, ‘Hello I’m Dylan!’, and I thought, ‘That’s an interesting way to meet someone you idolise!”’

Alcott said that, as he was in his wheelchair, he was face-to-face with Federer’s manhood, and spent most of the conversation trying to look elsewhere.

“I’m on that level so I was like ‘Eyes up!'” he said, adding that he can hardly remember what was said because he was so distracted.

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