Papa John's shot back at DiGiorno after the frozen pizza brand implied the chain's pizza tasted like 'dog s---'

  • Papa John’s CEO was slammed on Twitter for saying NFL players’ protests dragged down the chain’s sales.
  • Frozen pizza brand DiGiorno piled on, with a tweet implying Papa John’s tastes like “dog s—.”
  • Papa John’s changed its Twitter bio to read: “Frozen pizza = the pizza equivalent of a participation trophy.”

Papa John’s just shot back at DiGiorno Pizza.

On Wednesday,Papa John’s founder and CEO John Schnatter criticised NFL leadership and blamed players protesting during the national anthem for dragging down the pizza chain’s sales.

The response was rapid. While some people rallied around Papa John’s in support, others took the opportunity to roast the chain — including by insulting the quality of its pizza.

DiGiorno Pizza was one of the Twitter accounts to pile on. On Wednesday, the pizza brand seemingly subtweeted the competition via emoji:

A second tweet clarified that this was definitely aimed at Papa John’s, implying that the chain’s pizza tastes like “dog s—.”

On Thursday, Papa John’s tweeted “#NewTwitterBio.”

The new bio: “Frozen pizza = the pizza equivalent of a participation trophy,” a clear jab at DiGiorno.

The “participation trophy” insult will likely resonate with many of Papa John’s supporters on the right who have rallied around the chain after Schnatter’s comments. The idea of “participation trophies” are a common criticism, especially from the right, often used to criticise political correctness and millennials.

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