Papa John’s is revamping its restaurants and branding as it enters a new era — here’s what they will look like

Papa John redesign
will redesign its restaurants. Papa John’s
  • Papa John’s is changing its logo and restaurants to a cleaner, more modern design.
  • New restaurants will have an open concept and more ways for customers to pick up to-go orders.
  • The new designs are inspired by the colors and characteristics of key pizza ingredients. 

Papa John’s is launching a full brand redesign with a new logo, branding, and restaurant design.
Papa John redesign new sign
is updating its branding. Papa John’s
The redesign starts with a new logo that’s a visual reflection of the “flexibility” and bold, simple, fun of the chain, Chief Commercial Officer Max Wetzel told Insider.
Papa John's redesign logo
updated its logo. Papa John’s
The brand intentionally created both horizontal and vertical stacked versions of the logo to work on signs, TV, and digital assets.
Papa John redesign
is updating the brand Papa John’s
The new custom font is “inspired by the way Papa Johns fresh, never-frozen dough moves and stretches when team members craft pizza,” the company said in a statement.
Papa John's
Pizza dough. Kate Taylor
The new logo isn’t very noticeably different from the old version, pictured here. The chain is still embracing the red and green its known for, Wetzel said.
Papa John's old logo
Papa John’s old logo. Matt Rourke/Associated Press
The chain is sticking with red and green as the main colors…
Papa John's redesign
is rethinking its branding. Papa John’s
… but now they’re inspired by ingredients, with Tangy tomato (red), Fresh basil (green), Fluffy dough (off-white), Punchy garlic (light purple) and Pickled pepperoncini (bright yellow-green).
Papa John's redesign
ingredients. Papa John’s
Restaurants themselves are getting a redesign. Right now there are around 3,000 different Papa John’s formats around the world, Wetzel said, including the one seen here.
A Papa John's restaurant is seen on July 11, 2018 in Miami, Florida
Current Papa John’s restaurant. Joe Raedle/Getty Images
The new design will streamline Papa John’s into a modern, simple design.
Papa John redesign
will redesign its restaurants. Papa John’s
The restaurants are open, with space for customers to pick up to-go orders, because most of Papa John’s business is delivery and takeout, with few dine-in customers, Wetzel said.
Papa John redesign
is changing up restaurant interiors. Papa John’s
Customers will be able to see back into the pizza chain’s kitchens.
Papa John redesign
The kitchen is visible. Papa John’s
Customers who order their pizzas online will be able to pick them up at warming stations without waiting in line.
Papa John redesign
Warming station. Papa John’s
Menu boards will be replaced with screens that can be updated as offerings change.
Papa John redesign
Menu board. Papa John’s
Some illustrations accent the restaurant interior with a hand-drawn style showing pizza ingredients.
Papa John redesign
Illustrations. Papa John’s
For standalone Papa John’s restaurants and locations where it’s possible, they will have a “Drive Up Pick Up” window, operating like a drive-thru.
Papa John redesign
Restaurant exterior. Papa John’s
There are also designated parking spots for curbside pickup and delivery drivers.
Papa John redesign
Parking spots. Papa John’s
All these new aspects of the brand will also come to Papa John’s social media profiles and its app.
Papa John redesign
The app is getting an update, too. Papa John’s
Brand changes will roll out online before they make it physically into stores, Papa John’s told Insider.
Papa John redesign
is redesigning its app. Papa John’s
The refreshed Papa John’s branding will start rolling out in the end of this year and into 2022.
Papa John redesign
The pizza chain is updating branding and advertising. Papa John’s
The first restaurants to be redesigned will be company-owned locations, before moving on to franchisee locations.
Papa John redesign
Ads will show the new designs. Papa John’s
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