Silvio Berlusconi's Brother Uses Racial Slur To Describe Newly Acquired Soccer Player Mario Balotelli

Silvio Berlusconi’s younger brother Paolo is the publisher of an Italian right wing newspaper called Il Giornale and the vice president of soccer club AC Milan.

At an electoral campaign meeting for his brother, Paolo referred to the newest member of AC Milan, 22-year old striker Mario Balotelli, as “our household little n*****,” according to the International Business Times.

Paolo said to a crowd roaring with laughter [translated by IB Times]:

“Let’s go and watch our household’s little n***** [playing]. The girls here are all invited as well. They can have the chance to meet with Silvio Berlusconi.”

Balotelli, a very controversial soccer player, signed with AC Milan last week. He has faced racism in the past and threatened to “kill racists” at the Euro Cup in Ukraine in the Summer of 2012, saying:

“I will not accept racism at all…. If someone throws a banana at me in the street, I will go to jail because I will kill them. It was lucky the police arrived quickly because I swear, I would have beaten them. I would really have destroyed them.”

Here’s video from the event:

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