Watch A Panhandler's Surprising Speech That Ended With Cheers And Chest Bumps

Subway riders approach their daily commutes prepared to be serenaded by mariachi bands or a capella groups, dodge kicks to face by break dancers, and listen to stories from homeless people asking for some spare change.

But they weren’t prepared for what this apparent panhandler had to say in their subway car. His surprising speech ended in a round of high fives and even a chest bump:

College Humour teamed up with Vitamin Water to pull off the panhandler prank for the brands “Make Boring Brilliant” campaign.

But is the branded video too good to be true?

According to the Inquirer, yes. College Humour shot the scene three different times to get it right — and the camera work was far too clean to come from a smartphone. Furthermore, the Inquirer reports that at least 10 of the people riding the train were paid actors. (And the Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority made $US10,000 for using the train on a Sunday when the line wasn’t really running.)

This reminds us of when we found out that the Pepsi MAX stunt where racecar driver Jeff Gordon donned a disguise and took a used car salesman for a terrifying test drive was staged.

While the video has been going viral, some critics wonder if making light of the homeless is the best way to peddle pricey vitamin-infused water.

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