Panera decided to double its famous bread bowls — here's our verdict

Panera has released a double bread bowl in honour of National Best Friend Day. Their popular sourdough bread bowl usually has just one bowl inside the loaf, now there’s TWO. The double bread bowls are being tested around the Philadelphia area. We went to try the double bread bowls with different soup and mac ‘n’ cheese combinations. Following is a transcript of the video.


This is Panera’s double bread bowl.

Irene: Hey everyone, we’re on our way to try Panera’s new double bread bowl. And we love bread, so…

Clare: We love bread. We love Panera soups.

Liz: Carbs.

Irene: All the carbs.

Clare: We’re excited.

Panera’s sourdough bread bowl is an iconic menu item. It usually only holds one bowl of soup. Now, there’s TWO.

Panera created the double bread bowl for National Best Friend Day. The internet is really excited about the double bread bowls.

Clare: I know people on Facebook have been going absolutely crazy over it and it was just announced not long ago so I’m excited to see what it’s actually like.

We tried the double bread bowls the day they were released.

It’s being tested around the Philadelphia area. You can get different soup combinations.

Liz: Usually when I come to Panera, I can’t decide between the French onion soup and the broccoli [cheddar]. But now I can get both.

Clare: These double bread bowls seem really good [for] if you want to combine something different.

We also got mac ‘n’ cheese inside a double bread bowl.

Irene: I think this is great for if you’re having a really bad day and you just want to eat a lot of carbs. Everything just tastes better from a bread bowl.

The double bread bowl costs between $US12 to $US21. There are more than 50 possible combinations.

Clare: So much food.

Irene: So much bread. We have to drive back home now but it was worth it.

The double bread bowls are perfect for sharing… or enjoying alone!

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