Pandora now lets you pick specific songs to play from your listening history

PandoraPandora replay button.

Pandora rolled out its new $4.99 ad-free plan today, but the free version also got a lot better.

It’s got two new features: replays and extra song skips.

Replays let you go back through your listening history and pick any song to move to the front of your queue. Or you can just listen to the same one over and over again.

Extra song skips is exactly what it sounds like: it gives you more skips if you run out.

You can unlock both these features by watching a 15-second video ad. When you do so, Pandora will give you a “handful” of either replays or skips, which you can use until they run out. Pandora is testing different bundle sizes, VP of product Chris Becherer told Business Insider. Once your bundle runs out, you watch another video ad, and so on.

Pandora will roll these features out gradually over the coming month.

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