PandoDaily Splits With TechCrunch Founder Mike Arrington

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When Sarah Lacy founded PandoDaily, it looked a lot like the second coming of TechCrunch: TechCrunch founder Mike Arrington’s CrunchFund invested, and Arrington and his venture partner (and former TechCrunch reporter) MG Siegler were going to be regular contributors.

So much for that.

Today, Lacy posted a terse note to PandoDaily saying that the board had voted Arrington off the island, and that he and Siegler would no longer be contributing to the site. She also noted that comments had been “disabled on this post”, which led to all kinds of chatter on Twitter.

(Writer Glenn Fleishman was particularly entertaining, posting all kinds of variations like “I’ve disabled condiments on this pizza” and “I’ve disabled journalistic practices on this site.”)

So what happened?

Arrington just chimed in with an explanation. He and Siegler agreed to speak at TechCrunch Disrupt in New York in May, and apparently that pissed off PandoDaily Executive Chairman Andrew Anker*.

Arrington said he had to do it because of a contractual agreement, but also wanted to do it because he and Siegler still love TechCrunch.

That can’t be what the folks at PandoDaily wanted to hear.

The thing is, all of these writers are bigger brands than the publications they write for. Arrington, Siegler, and Lacy all have their own armies of Twitter followers who probably will read their posts no matter where they appear.

It’s kind of like when bands switch record labels. Nobody really cares — they just want the music. Until they don’t.

*This post originally misstated Anker’s title. He is the executive chairman of PandoDaily. Sarah Lacy is the CEO. Sorry.




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